Rental Agent Features

Trident Managing and Rental Agent software is designed to ensure that your work is done accurately, efficiently and quickly.

Trident comes with all the usual standard features such as:

  1. Update one, update all coding system
  2. Detailed Property information
  3. Detailed Debtor (tenants) and Creditor (owners, body corps., municipalities etc) information with unlimited contacts
  4. Electricity, Gas and Water Tariffs
  5. Transactions – Rentals, Owner Levy’s, Receipts, Payments, Interest, Late Payments, Electricity, Water and Journals
  6. Separate Deposit Account
  7. Credit Control with user specified letters and SMS’s

Reports –

  1. Age Analysis,
  2. Rental Roll,
  3. Building Statement, 
  4. Debtor Invoice/Statements (Owners & Tenant), and many more.
  5. SMS and Email facilities – bulk and individual

Besides the above standard features, Trident offers you even MORE:

  • BANK MANAGER – you no longer have to manually capture the bank transactions
  • RENTAL WIZARD – is a step by step guide that helps Rental Agents to load (or change)
  • BUILDING TO-DO – helps you keep track of what has been completed on the monthly accounts
  • DATE REMINDER – unlike a diary which reminds you ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT
  • NOTES – have you made an arrangement with a tenant and you want to record this on his/her debtor’s account
  • TPN UPLOAD – TPN is a specialized credit bureau that collects tenant data from property managers